David called me a couple weeks ago and asked if I would do a toast.

I was not sure if he asked me because he trusted me to say something appropriate, or because he knows I like to drink.

Hopefully this is appropriate.

Any one who meets David or Jill needs about 30 seconds to recognize that they are both strong of mind and body and are not lacking in energy with which to engage any part of life.

Yet it is also clear when the two of them interact, whether over a cell phone in the middle of a work day or sitting side by side at a baseball game that their interaction moves both of them to even a higher level of energy and zeal. What a lucky thing to find, this magic together.

Hmmmm luck... not something any successful poker player would succumb to, now, is it?

When two people meet with common hopes, desires and commitment to have a happy relationship, they consistently do the things to create that energy and zeal for each other. David and Jill have that common desire and commitment to one another and the result is the joy that occurs when they are together. No matter how serendipitous their acquaintance was, their happiness is neither luck nor magic.

So Id like to propose three toasts.
To the joy the two of you create by your commitment to each other.
To all of us for the opportunity we have to share in that joy.
To your future bound to be healthy and happy.